What To Expect of Ma ‘Rosa

What To Expect of Ma ‘Rosa

Brillante Mendoza has once again made the Filipinos proud when his latest film got selected in Cannes Film Festival 2016. Despite not getting the grandest awards in the said Film Festival, the film did not disappoint after actress Jaclyn Jose bagged the Best Actress Award. The raw emotions that Brillante Mendoza gets from his actors are the fruits of his unique way of creating a film. His subjects touching the most controversial but truthful conditions of the Philippines let the spectators see the beauty in the ugly truth of politics and society in the country.

Ma ‘Rosa depicts the life of a mother who owns a sari-sari store in the slums of Mandaluyong. Her store is a front to cover her drug-dealing business with her husband to support their four children. The elements seen in the film are just symptoms of poverty. With its premiere in Davao on June 21, we are hoping that newly elected President Rodrigo Duterte pays close attention. As what the director usually says, he films what he sees. His films just shows how badly we need someone with courage, strength and, initiative to eradicate crimes such as corruption and finally, if not end, but at least lessen the poverty rate.

Brillante Mendoza continues to amaze us with these “found stories” that are too factual to a fault. His films would make us think, “Is it really more fun in the Philippines?” It is true that to see is to believe and films like Ma ‘Rosa should serve as an eye-opener.

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