LOLA at TIFF 2015

LOLA at TIFF 2015

Tokyo International Film Festival 2015:

Wilson Tieng, CEO of major distribution company Solar Entertainment Corporation, and distributor of ‘Lola’ with Brillante Mendoza during the Q&A session.

Brillante Mendoza has five films in this years TIFF – Lola, Serbis, Foster Child, Thy Womb and Taklub. He is also part of the omnibus project called Asian Three Fold Mirror where he will be having a collaboration with filmmakers from Japan and Cambodia.

Mr. Tieng also attended a symposium called “Young Filipino filmmakers: What is the Third Golden Age of Philippine cinema?” was held on October 26 at the 28th Tokyo International Film Festival.



October 24 (Sat)

1:30 PM – First Screening

3:30 PM – Q&A


October 28 (Wed)

9:10 – Second Screening

11:00 PM – Q&A

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