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Brillante Mendoza’s AMO premieres April 9 on Netflix

Brillante Mendoza’s AMO premieres April 9 on Netflix

Global streaming giant, Netflix has picked up drug war drama “AMO” as its first series from The Philippines. The show was produced by broadcaster TV5 and directed by Brillante Mendoza.Netflix will roll it out worldwide from April 9, 2018.

AMO tells the story of Joseph, a high school student who starts out as a small-time “shabu” peddler, whose involvement in the drug trade eventually gets him entangled in the violent and dangerous circle of drug lords, crooked cops, and corrupt government officials.

Catch Brillante Mendoza’s AMO premieres April 9 on NETFLIX

Aug September 20, 9:30PM every Sunday on TV5. *updated March 21

“The AMO series is a bold and suspenseful show that has the potential of capturing thrill-seeking audiences worldwide,” said Robert Roy, VP of Content Acquisition at Netflix.

Brillante Mendoza Presents: Kadaugan

Brillante Mendoza Presents: Kadaugan

Portraying the roots of Filipino traditions in courtship and hospitality, “Kadaugan” is yet another dauntless television masterpiece by Brillante Mendoza which reflects TV5’s strong commitment as a TV network that provides differentiated entertainment. Catch Brillante Mendoza Presents: Kadaugan on July 30, after Turning Point on TV5.

The episode shows the Filipinos’ high hopes and faith in love and happiness which revolves around Tere, a Cebuana who single-handedly raises her five year-old son after suffering from the misfortunes of being left by her foreign love interests. “Kadaugan” depicts the unfathomable resilience of the Filipinos despite the raging storms in their lives. It is also a celebration of motherhood and a sincere depiction of family ties and hospitality among Filipinos. Lead roles for this episode will be played by Dionne Monsanto and Juan Directions’ Daniel Marsh. Joining the cast are veteran actresses and Cebu’s prides Suzette Ranillo and the one and only Gloria Sevilla.

1. Dionne Monsanto as Tere
2. Daniel Marsh as Johann
3. Matt Daclan as Manny
4. Albert Chan Paran as Tere’s Boss
5. Gloria Sevilla as Mercy
6. Keanna Reeves as Myrna
7. Suzette Ranillo as Ate Chona



Shot during the Obando Fertility Rites

Director: Brillante Ma Mendoza
Scriptwriter: Arianna Martinez
Creative Consultant: Armando “Bing” Lao

Malaking biyaya na maituturing ang mabigyan sila ng anak na ipinagdarasal. Ngunit paano kung maglaro ang tadhana, at ang ngiting abot-langit ay mapalitan ng luhang walang kasing pait?

Abangan ang natatanging pagganap nina Romnick Sarmenta, Harlene Bautista, at Perla Bautista sa Brillante Mendoza Presents: Anak ngayong June 25 pagkatapos ng Lakbai sa TV5!

SYNOPSIS: An old barren couple goes to the Obando Fertility Rites to petition for a child. A few years later, the wife conceives miraculously despite her age, but undergoes a difficult pregnancy which is life threatening to both her and her unborn child. She suffers from hypertension and delivers prematurely, causing a huge risk to her newborn child. After a month of enduring the hardships of caring for a premature baby at the hospital, the couple are finally able to bring home their baby and become a family.


Brillante Mendoza Presents: PANATA

Brillante Mendoza Presents: PANATA

A Film for TV5 directed by BRILLANTE MENDOZA

Air Date: May 27, 2017 Saturday
Air Time: 9:30 PM


Panata is the story of Mario (King), a mask maker’s son, who performs the Moriones Lenten rites for his father’s return amidst an impending rebellion during Martial Law.

Mario and his best friend, Toto, are witnesses to the brutal and unjust arrest of Mario’s father, Tasyo, a suspected rebel, during the early years of Martial Law. The desperate longing leads Mario and his mother, Azon, to devote and surrender themselves to a higher power and perform various Catholic rites and rituals for the family patriarch’s return.

Years of prayer and devotion have passed, still no father is found. Mario takes his father’s roles as breadwinner, mask maker, and rebel sympathiser. Later on, he is reunited with his childhood friend, Toto, now a student activist enlightened by higher ideologies in his studies. Exposed by the chaos brought about by the Marcos’ regime’s decline, Toto brings Mario news of the rebel group’s impending victory against the dictator and invites him to participate in a clandestine gathering in the mountains.

MARIO as Kristofer King | Jao Daniel Elamparo
AZON as Sue Prado
TASYO as Arnold Cruz Reyes
TOTO as Felix Artadi Roco | Vince Rillon
ISING as Jill Palencia Ibuyan | Crystal January Bravo
FERNANDO as Lou Veloso
ANDONG as EdwinNombre Pamaniän

Director: Brillante Mendoza
Scriptwriter: Kat Marasigan

BTS Photos https://www.facebook.com/katkat0000001/media_set?set=a.1539078806116382.1073741878.100000428312477&type=1
Creative Consultant: Armando Lao

Editor: Diego Marx Dobles
Director of Photography: Odie Flores
Production Designer: Ben Payumo

Line Producer: Carlo Camilo Valenzona
Production Manager: Antonette Maddela Perez
Camera Assistants: Benjie De Vera, Wally Bolanos, Joshua Reyles
Assistant Director: Charita Castinlag
Production Assistant: Christine Florendo
HMUA: Ruffa Zuueta





Bilang pakikiisa sa Buwan ng Pagtatapos, malugod na inihahandog ng TV5 ang isa na namang obra maestra mula sa isang alagad ng sine at pelikula, ang Brillante Mendoza Presents: Pagtatapos na mapapanuod ngayong ika 22 ng Abril, Sabado 9:30 ng gabi.

Ang kwento ay iikot sa karakter ni Shaira, isang teenager at ang kanyang masalimuot na pakikipagsapalaran sa lipunan bilang anak, estudyante at kabataan. Itatampok din ang madalas na pagpapakita sa kanya ni Maria Makiling dahilan upang piliin niya ito bilang paksa sa Thesis.\

Payak man ang istorya, hindi naman maipagkakaila ang maigting nitong mensahe na nais ibahagi sa mga manunuod. Sinasalamin ng “Pagtatapos” ang ilang realidad sa buhay ng mga kabataan at ang mahalagang papel ng mga magulang sa paghubog at paggabay sa kanila patungo sa tamang landas.

Sa muli, maituturing itong isa na namang tagumpay para sa TV5 at sa layunin nitong maghatid dekalibreng palabas na kapupulutan ng aral ng mga kabataan.


  1. SHAIRA – Gabby Padilla
  2. RAYMOND (Shaira’s Father) – Nonie Buencamino
  3. HELEN(Shaira’s Mother) – Shamaine Buencamino
  4. ANGELI (Shaira’s Teacher) – Raquel Villavicencio
  5. SIR MELVIN – Nonoy Froilan
  6. INA – Olivia Bugayong
  7. MARIA MAKILING – Joni Galeste
  8. JUAN (Maria’s Partner) – Ian Ocampo
TV5 Partners with Brillante Mendoza

TV5 Partners with Brillante Mendoza

TV5 CEO Chot Reyes Explains 2017 Content Partnership with Direk Brillante Mendoza.

“Brillante Mendoza Presents”: Monthly Made-for-Television Movies.

TV5 proudly announced its collaboration with Director Brillante “Dante” Mendoza, one of the most prominent Filipino filmmakers today.
He has produced a body of work that garnered awards and recognition from local and international film festivals.

Mapapanood once a month ang kanyang mga made-for-television movies sa “Brillante Mendoza Presents” exclusively made for TV5 na magsisimula na sa January 21, 2017.

At ang isa pa niyang obra, ang “AMO” isang 13-episode series na magsisimula naman sa Pebrero.

Watch the video by Rain De Ocampo.