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Sarajevo Film Festival Tribute

Sarajevo Film Festival Tribute

This year, Sarajevo Film Festival is honored to pay tribute to one of the most original and prolific contemporary filmmakers- Philippine director Brillante Mendoza.

Mendoza does not shy away from difficult subjects. In his films, he has tackled issues such as incest, bigamy, crime or prostitution. His great skill is in portraying the everyday hardship of Filipino people with authenticity and originality, thereby also successfully resisting the pitfalls of banality. Taking full advantage of what new possibilities lightweight cinema has to offer, he imbues his films with a sensuality that seamlessly transports an audience into a completely different yet tangible reality.

The SFF tribute to Brillante Mendoza allows audiences to take a voyage across Mendoza’s work, marked by striking examples of how close he comes to blurring the lines between fiction and documentary, and of the political motivations that inspire his filmmaking.

Sarajevo Film Festival dates: August 14-22, 2015