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BRILLANTE MENDOZA at Sinag Maynila 2018

BRILLANTE MENDOZA at Sinag Maynila 2018

By Mae Aniceto

Twenty-eighteen marks a centennial of film in the Philippines, and there is no other way to celebrate it but to make this year’s festival nothing less than grandeur of artistic expression through the lens of both aspiring directors and actors, and those who have been celebrating the festival alongside SINAG MAYNILA since the beginning.

Brillante Mendoza, in partnership with SINAG MAYNILA CEO and Founder Wilson Tieng, keeps on making each festival diverse and extraordinary, creating bridges for international recognition of local talents – breaking barriers and making the country flourish as one of the best in the craft of filmmaking and cinematography.

To make this festival possible, SINAG MAYNILA Independent Film Festival 2018 is partnering with the Film Development Council of the Philippines, Cinelokal, and McDonalds.

This year’s SINAGMAYNILA will feature the finalists for full length films (5), short films (6) and documentaries (6)


ABOMINATION by Yam Laranas

A young lady named Rachel, who escaped from a mental institution, is discovered oblivious in a city road claiming to be someone else who was mercilessly killed two months sooner. The story reveals how she lost herself due to trauma and eventually finds it.

BOMBA (The Bomb) by Ralston Jover

Pipo makes a decent living by going up against life which is more troublesome in light of the fact that he’s hard of hearing. Like a bomb, Pipo’s ticking to detonate due to difficulties and struggles; He underpins himself and his high school sweetheart Cyril, his perturbed supervisor is getting troublesome, and Ben keeps on asking for her daughter Cyril back.

EL PESTE by Richard Somes

A dreary, discouraged, and lone individual, Abner finds himself in an illicit affair with Viola – a married woman, a client who has the same presence as his.  He initiates a tragedy – something that will inevitably change their lives forever.


This film is Matthew Victor Pastor’s story of Aries Santos, a Filipino-Australian producer attempting to complete her narrative and Melody, a sex worker roaming the lanes of Melbourne.

TALE OF THE LOST BOYS by Joselito Altarejos

An account of two entirely unassociated individuals, Alex, a Filipino repairman, and Jerry, a Taiwanese native understudy going through a journey of finding love, identity, and value.  What started as a search of their respective mothers, ended up finding themselves instead.



CESAR & MAGDA – Pamela Barrios

FIRESTARTER – Jill Urdaneta
KALYE FM – Tom Nava
POMPOMS – Angelo Amar
THE DUWENDE – Odin Fernandez


AM-AMMA – Dexter Macaraeg
HALAGA – Kristine Anne Escamillas
JOURNEYMAN FINDS HOME: THE SIMONE ROTA STORY Albert Almendralejo and Maricel Cariaga
MAHAL, 2017 – Janine Santos
TSUPER – Rina Abary

VOLTAIRE – Jaimee Bernardo

All films are screening in the following SM cinemas from March 7 to 15, 2018: SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM Fairview, SM Southmall, SM Bacoor, SM Manila, and SM Sta. Mesa.

To check the show dates and event schedules, visit www.sinagmaynila.com