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Rediscover PAMPANGA

Rediscover PAMPANGA

A tourism video directed by Brillante Mendoza.

He was born in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines.


A province situated on Central Luzon, an hour and a half drive from Manila through the North Luzon Expressway.

Who would have thought that this Great Plains, a sanctuary to abundant wildlife…

…and bountiful natural resources, is just within reach?


With unmatched artistry that carves-up your soul, Let the Betis artisans showcase their ingenuity and creativity, as they preserve a long legacy of woodcarving.

Sooth your heart to the strumming beat of the best guitars; a strong and living tradition of fine craftsmanship that Guagua proudly shares.

Stop over and take a look of Floridablanca’s fine aluminum and kitchenware, molded by diligence and hardwork.

Learn the rich culinary heritage this province has to offer. Our sumptuous and definitely creative dishes await the foodie in you.

Take a sip. Indulge to the fullness of our Tsokolate de Baterol…

…and savor yourself to the exquisite and mouth-watering Turones De Casoy of Sta. Rita that surely gratify your appetite.

Reconnect to your faith…

Visit Santa Rita Parish Museum and be amazed with their collection of world-class religious artworks intricately sculpted by local hands.

Walk along the aisle of Betis Church. Its ceiling paints the story of Filipinos’ strong devotion to God.

Come to the second oldest church in the Philippines. Lubao Church houses the relics of St. Monica and St. Agustin of Hippo.

Pay homage. Learn from the lessons of the past as we visit the Macapagal Museum and commemorate the contributions of our forefather.

Feel the thrill! Dash through the excitement and submit to the carefree sensation as we conquer our fears and soar to the top to the mountains of Porac up to the skies of Lubao.

Experience all these and explore in a day.

REDISCOVER PAMPANGA! Your one stop travel destination.