Sinag Maynila Film Festival 2017

Sinag Maynila Film Festival 2017

Sinag Maynila Film Festival is ready for its third season! 

The local film festival`s new tagline “Sine Lokal-Internasyonal” lives up to its core as the roster of finalist handpicked by Sinag Maynila CEO and founder Wilson Tieng and world-renowned and internationally acclaimed field director Brillante Ma Mendoza have been announced. “ The upgrade mechanics for this season may have been a risky move, but we are very happy with outcome,” says Tieng. “We are looking forward to the reception of these films here and of course, internationally.”

With the tremendous success of Sinag Maynila`s debut in March 2015, more talented filmmakers took their chance in getting a nod to be part of the competing roster as it has been closely associated with the opportunity for international recognition. This year`s categories include Full length, Short Films, and Documentary.



KRISTO by HF Yambao

The story delves into what is supposed to be a victorious day for boy whose first born; Jemjem, graduated from elementary with Honors. Throughout the story, bits and pieces of

fighting against oppression of losing his main livelihood as a vendor, of fighting for his winnings in a bet to game fowls, fighting for his Honors as a family man, and eventually fighting for his own life against fate will be revealed.”KRISTO” stars Angela Cortez, Julio Diaz, Kristopher King


BEYOND THE BLOCK by Ricardo Carranza  

Spanning fifty years and charting a path across three continents, “ Beyond the block” weaves a thoughtful, personal account of Hip Hop Dance in the Philippines. From the sensational TV program of “Penthouse 7”

In the 70s to the cult classic “ Dance 10” in the 80s to the struggles of the Filipino contingents in Today`s biggest international dance competitions, the film lovingly showcases the special please of dance in very Filipino life .


LADYFISH by Jason Orfalas

Expelled from her nine-year occupation in the call center industry and discriminated upon of her homosexually, Kaye Cienfuegos, struggles to make ends meet. Her search for place and identity is cut short when her best friend Bonn appears on her front door with her adopted Swedish son Bjorn, and together they face obstacle to privide for their basic needs and rights in a society where a fair chance is out reach. “LADYFISH” stars JC Santos, Martin Escudero ,Brenda Mage, Ruby Ruiz.


BHOY INSTIK by Joel Lamangan

Two small-time felons’ paths crossed, starting a pretty mutual disdain for a competitor in their illegal business: BHOY INSTIK and MARLON, the key personalities in the community of the living dead. “BHOY INSTIK” stars RS Francisco, Ronwaldo Martin, Elora Espano, Jim Pebanco, Tony Mabesa, Jeric Raval.



  1. I Am Jupiter, I am the biggest planet by Matthew Victor Pastor

Silence in the red light distict if manila.

  1. Ang langit, Burger at ang Universe by Emmanuel Escalona Jr.

It took burgers and one girl for a man to discover his place in the universe.

  1. Aliens ata by Karl Glenn Barit

Two brothers deal with sudden loss of their father and an eventual separation from their overseas- Filipino-worker mother. Some things are hard to grasp that`s why they took to the sky for answer. Could it be aliens?

  1. Ang Hindi ko Masambit by JoseMaria Javier Manoos

A deaf kid who dreams of going to school faces a series of rejection from his mother because of an unprecedented past.

  1. Tulay buhay by Paul Arrenze Dionnela

In the streets of Manila, the homeless stuggle to live. Some fool other; don’t want to be fooled and some imitate some in order to survive.



  1. Hango by Avelino Mark Balmes Jr.

Follows the story of a grandfather and his grandchild who works as fishermen in Bacoor, Cavite.

  1. Kupkop by Jaynus Olaivar

A documentary that revolves around the life of 3 ids with cerebral palsy, who their parents due to their condition. They were able to find love and affection from people who, may not be their kin, show compassion without any form of compensation.

  1. The Recycled Spirits of Roel Cabato by Noa Del Rosario

Meet Roel Cabato: an Ilocano-Ifugao artist and environmentalist from Baguio City, who spends his time creating artworks from whatever he can find in his home/art space called Hanan`chi (Aninito Art Space and Café). His works represents his spiritual connection with Ifugao culture as well as his advocacy for environmentalist and recycling.

  1. Pagrara Sang Patipuron (Weaving a Circle) by Jean Clare Dy, Manuel Domes

Pagrara San Patipuron follows a group of indigenous Aeta women weaving artist in Nagpana, a sitio up in the mountains of Barotac Viejo, Iloilo. The film explores their artistic processes and products, reflecting negotiations between traditional and modernity. With the help of two your artist entrepreneurs in the community, the women were empowered to explore their artistic imagination and extend the limits of the design process in the hope of transcending their presents realities.

  1. Krudo Boys by Mirielle De Lara, Angelica Domingo, Dannieleth Julapong, Maria Agnes Malvar, Bea San Juan, Nathaniel Santiago

Renato together with his brother Alyo, are two of the few men who call themselves “Krudo Boys”. They scavenge for spilling crude oils coming from ships in Navotas City using only their worn-out boat and a piece of foam then selling it to the costumer. With this kind of grueling labor, they strive to work hard in order for them to provide food and shelter family.

Check the Full list of finalist via . The 2017 Sinag Maynila Film Festival will be from March 9 to 14,2017. Get updates on Sinag Maynila via, Twitter and Instagram via @sinagmaynila.

Subscribe also to the official Sinag Maynila Youtube Account .

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