Downy Hug It Out – A Mother’s Love

Downy Hug It Out – A Mother’s Love

A mother’s love is unforgettable.

It’s time again to celebrate the woman who is our first love: Mom. No matter who she is, what she does or where she is, our mother always holds a special place in our heart.

This Mother’s Day, Downy yet again shows the power of a mother’s love through a new Downy #Hugitout digital short directed by the internationally acclaimed director Brillante Mendoza. The Cannes-winning director delivers a powerful film as he takes on a theme about life, loss and moving forward.

The Downy Hug It Out video series is an ongoing campaign of the fabric care brand to show the different facets of human relationships and how a simple act of affection such as a hug can create a significant difference. Last March, Downy released a story about a mother and a daughter who had drifted apart, until the power of hug gave them a fresh start.

For this heartfelt video from the Downy Hug It Out Series, we highly recommend having a pack of tissues on hand.

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