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BRILLANTE MENDOZA at Sinag Maynila 2018

BRILLANTE MENDOZA at Sinag Maynila 2018

By Mae Aniceto

Twenty-eighteen marks a centennial of film in the Philippines, and there is no other way to celebrate it but to make this year’s festival nothing less than grandeur of artistic expression through the lens of both aspiring directors and actors, and those who have been celebrating the festival alongside SINAG MAYNILA since the beginning.

Brillante Mendoza, in partnership with SINAG MAYNILA CEO and Founder Wilson Tieng, keeps on making each festival diverse and extraordinary, creating bridges for international recognition of local talents – breaking barriers and making the country flourish as one of the best in the craft of filmmaking and cinematography.

To make this festival possible, SINAG MAYNILA Independent Film Festival 2018 is partnering with the Film Development Council of the Philippines, Cinelokal, and McDonalds.

This year’s SINAGMAYNILA will feature the finalists for full length films (5), short films (6) and documentaries (6)


ABOMINATION by Yam Laranas

A young lady named Rachel, who escaped from a mental institution, is discovered oblivious in a city road claiming to be someone else who was mercilessly killed two months sooner. The story reveals how she lost herself due to trauma and eventually finds it.

BOMBA (The Bomb) by Ralston Jover

Pipo makes a decent living by going up against life which is more troublesome in light of the fact that he’s hard of hearing. Like a bomb, Pipo’s ticking to detonate due to difficulties and struggles; He underpins himself and his high school sweetheart Cyril, his perturbed supervisor is getting troublesome, and Ben keeps on asking for her daughter Cyril back.

EL PESTE by Richard Somes

A dreary, discouraged, and lone individual, Abner finds himself in an illicit affair with Viola – a married woman, a client who has the same presence as his.  He initiates a tragedy – something that will inevitably change their lives forever.


This film is Matthew Victor Pastor’s story of Aries Santos, a Filipino-Australian producer attempting to complete her narrative and Melody, a sex worker roaming the lanes of Melbourne.

TALE OF THE LOST BOYS by Joselito Altarejos

An account of two entirely unassociated individuals, Alex, a Filipino repairman, and Jerry, a Taiwanese native understudy going through a journey of finding love, identity, and value.  What started as a search of their respective mothers, ended up finding themselves instead.



CESAR & MAGDA – Pamela Barrios

FIRESTARTER – Jill Urdaneta
KALYE FM – Tom Nava
POMPOMS – Angelo Amar
THE DUWENDE – Odin Fernandez


AM-AMMA – Dexter Macaraeg
HALAGA – Kristine Anne Escamillas
JOURNEYMAN FINDS HOME: THE SIMONE ROTA STORY Albert Almendralejo and Maricel Cariaga
MAHAL, 2017 – Janine Santos
TSUPER – Rina Abary

VOLTAIRE – Jaimee Bernardo

All films are screening in the following SM cinemas from March 7 to 15, 2018: SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM Fairview, SM Southmall, SM Bacoor, SM Manila, and SM Sta. Mesa.

To check the show dates and event schedules, visit

Contemporary Philippine Cinema

Contemporary Philippine Cinema

MoMA presents a survey of Philippine film from around 2000 to the present, a period known as the Third Golden Age of Philippine cinema (following the first golden age, in the 1950s, and the second, from the 1970s to the early 1980s).

The Philippines’ current wave of sustained creativity is unusual in its diversity of genre and style, audacious formal experimentation, and multiplicity of personal, social, and political perspectives. Defying simple description, this dizzying array of distinct cinematic statements makes it an exceptionally unique, vibrant movement.

From Lav Diaz’s minimalist tales rendered at epic lengths or Brillante Mendoza’s gritty realist portrayals of the margins of society, to Raya Martin’s experimentation with storytelling and form, Ditsi Carolino’s stark documentaries following the disenfranchised, and Erik Matti’s riveting thrillers, contemporary Filipino filmmakers push cinematic boundaries and consider subjects as varied as colonial legacy, a decade of martial law, drugs, crime, corruption, fertility, and migrant workers. The exhibition includes 18 films by 13 directors.

Read A New Golden Age: Contemporary Philippine Cinema

Brillante joins Cannes 70th anniversary photo call

Brillante joins Cannes 70th anniversary photo call

Brillante Ma Mendoza stands behind Monica Bellucci and Benicio Del Toro at the 70th anniversary photo call. (Photo credits: Philippine Daily Inquirer)


Organizers describe it as “quite a family portrait.” This photo call to end all photo calls was organized to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival.

For this “exceptional” photo call, 113 screen luminaries from all over the globe were invited “to pay tribute to the fest”: former Palme d’Or winners (who were seated in the front row, of course), best actor and actress recipients, past and present jury members and renowned guests.

Representing the Philippines is filmmaker Brillante Ma Mendoza, who won best director in Cannes for “Kinatay” in 2009.

Mendoza joined Hollywood/world cinema stars Marion Cotillard, Nicole Kidman, Will Smith, Jessica Chastain, Kirsten Dunst, Charlize Theron, Benicio Del Toro, Elle Fanning, Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal, Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Huppert, Monica Bellucci, Salma Hayek, Shu Qi, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, and acclaimed filmmakers Jane Campion, Pedro Almodovar, Michael Haneke, Bille August, Dario Argento, Costa-Gavras, Oliver Stone, Alfonso Cuaron, Guillermo del Toro and Sofia Coppola. Say fromage (cheese)! —BAYANI SAN DIEGO JR.


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Brillante Mendoza at Sinag Maynila 2017 Closing Ceremony

Brillante Mendoza at Sinag Maynila 2017 Closing Ceremony

The awards night of the Sinag Maynila 2017 film festival was held at the Samsung Hall, SM Aura on March 12, Sunday.

Right after the awards night, South Korean film “Walking Street” was screened as the closing film of Sinag Maynila Film Festival 2017.

Among the attendees were Sinag Maynila Founder Wilson Tieng, Sinag Maynila Festival Director Brillante Mendoza,Walking Street” director Lee Sang Woo together with Lee Song Lee, Mendoza’s protégés Daniel Palacio, Nimrod Sarmiento and Conan Altatis, Full-length category jury members: French film critic Max Tessier (head of the jury), FDCP Chair Liza Diño Seguerra, Filipino film critic Oggs Cruz, and director Paul Soriano, who judged the Shorts and Documentary finalists. The  other two Shorts and Documentary jurors are professor Rolando Tolentino and critic Patrick Flores who . ” #SineLokalPangInternasyonal #SinagMaynila2017 


Sinag Maynila Festival Director Brillante Mendoza with Sinag Maynila Founder Wilson Tieng and SM SVP for Marketing and Communications Ms. Millie Dizon announces the best film award. (Photo Courtesy: Sinag Maynila) 


(L-R) Walking Street director Lee Sang Woo, Sinag Maynila Festival Director Brillante Mendoza and actress Lee Song Lee


Sinag Maynila Festival Director is flocked by actor Vince Rillon, Walking Street Director Lee Sang Woo and actress Lee Song Yi


Ballet Manila gives a stunning and elegant performance to commence the Sinag Maynila Gabi ng Parangal


Ballet Manila delights its audience with their striking performance!


Sinag Maynila Festival Director Brillante Mendoza with Jury Head Max Tessier



Congratulations to all the winners! (Photo credits: Sinag Maynila)

Here is the complete list of winners:

Avelino Mark Balmes, Jr.

Aliens Ata
Glenn Karl Barit

Bhoy Intsik
Joel Lamangan

Beyond the Block
Ricky Carranza

Albert Michael Idioma

Tu Pug Imatuy
Arbi Barbarona

Diego Marx Dobles

Tu Pug Imatuy
Bryan Jimenez and Arbi Barbarona

Arvin Rosendal

Tu Pug Imatuy
Arnel Mardoquio

Arbi Barbarona 
Tu Pug Imatuy

Julio Diaz

Malona Sulatan
Tu Pug Imatuy

Raymond “RS” Francisco
Bhoy Intsik

Kristofer King

Tu Pug Imatuy


For more updates, visit Sinag Maynila official social media accounts: 

FACEBOOK: Sinag Maynila-

TWITTER: @sinagmaynila –






WATCH | Sinag Maynila entries reflect ‘Pinoy themes with international appeal’

WATCH | Sinag Maynila entries reflect ‘Pinoy themes with international appeal’

By Edwin P. Sallan,
March 10, 2017 · 12:00 pm


Now on its third year, the Sinag Maynila film festival takes an ambitious leap forward as it presents entries that reflect Filipino culture but are thought-provoking enough for international audiences.

In coming up with the festival’s new tagline, “Sine Lokal, Pang-Internasyonal,” Sinag Maynila CEO and founder Wilson Tieng says “the upgraded mechanics for this season may have been a risky move, but we are very happy with the outcome and look forward to the reception of these films here and, of course, internationally.”

This year’s entries were personally handpicked by Tieng and renowned filmmaker Brillante Mendoza, Sinag Maynila’a festival director.


More on the article by clicking on the link below.


Brillante Mendoza @ 54th Gijon International Film Festival

Brillante Mendoza @ 54th Gijon International Film Festival


“Very thankful” ang Award-Winning Filipino Director na si Brillante Mendoza kasunod ng kanyang pagkapanalo sa 54th Gijon International Film Festival sa Spain.

Itnanghal si Direk Brillante bilang ng Best Director para sa kanyang pelikulang Ma’rosa.

Nabatid na tanging si Mendoza lamang ang nagwagi mula sa Pilipinas na pinagpilian ng International Jury.

Matatandaang ang “Ma’ Rosa” na pinagbibidahan ni Cannes Best Actress Jaclyn Jose, ang entry ng bansa sa 2017 Oscar Awards.

First Run Features picks ‘Ma’ Rosa’

First Run Features picks ‘Ma’ Rosa’

First Run Features (FRF) announces that it has acquired U.S. rights from Paris based Films Distribution for Brillante Mendoza’s critically acclaimed drama, “Ma’ Rosa.”

First Run Features is a theatrical and home video distributor that has released independent, documentary and foreign films in the United States since 1979.

The official Oscar entry from the Philippines, “Ma’ Rosa” tells the story of a poor family in Manila that sells drugs on the side to make ends meet, amidst the backdrop of police corruption.

FRF is planning a Spring 2017 release.

The deal was negotiated by Mauceri and Nicolas Brigaud-Robert, partner and co-founder of Films Distribution.

FRF previously released Mendoza’s 2012 film “Captive,” based on the real-life kidnapping of 20 tourists from a luxury resort in the Philippines in 2001. The film starred Isabelle Huppert as one of the hostages.

New Brillante Mendoza work to screen at Tokyo film fest

New Brillante Mendoza work to screen at Tokyo film fest

Brillante Mendoza’s #SHINIUMA (Dead Horse) is part of the Asian Three-Fold 2016: Reflections film series co-produced by the Tokyo International Film Festival and Japan Foundation Asia Center.

Mendoza’s “Shiniuma (Dead Horse)” which stars Lou Veloso, tells the story of an illegal Filipino immigrant in Japan who returns to his homeland for the first time in decades after being deported.

Watch and

Ma ‘Rosa Premieres in Davao

Ma ‘Rosa Premieres in Davao

Ma ‘Rosa director Brillante Mendoza was joined by Cannes Film Festival Best Actress Awardee, Jaclyn Jose and her daughter Andi Eigenmann, who also took the role of Jose’s daughter in the film, for the premiere in Davao. According to the award-winning director, the place and time of the premiere are very timely since the newly elected Philippine President, Rodrigo Duterte, is from the city. Since the film is about dealing and the use of illegal drugs and corruption, Mendoza feels that the right place to primarily promote the film is in Davao in the hopes of eradicating the said crimes.

The auteur director is known for filming movies that are based on a “found” or true story. He said that it is a very Filipino thing to be filial and to defy the laws for the sake of family members. It is disturbing as much as it is astonishing.

The movie actually lets the audience see, hear and feel the experience of people who are desperate to feed their family that is why they succumb to the Filipino saying “kapit sa patalim“, which basically means doing something unethical or illegal in virtue of an end that benefits the person who does the act.

Mendoza’s way of directing strips the actor off of everything he has learned to act more natural and vulnerable to all situations. The director is the only person to know when these situations are going to happen. This is how Brillante Mendoza captures the rawness of the characters’ emotions and dialogue. As he does not care much for particular dialogues, he does not give any copy of the script to the actors and just deliberately explain to them what is going to happen in every scene.

The film was well received in Davao as the Davaoeños have the strongest gut to lessen, if not remove, the bad elements in the society. The director feels blessed to have the government as a pillar of support on their advocacy to promote and support independent films. Ma ‘Rosa will be screening in cinemas nationwide on July 6.DavaoPremiere