Hanggang saan ang kaya mong hamakin para ipaglaban ang isang bagay? Brillante Mendoza Presents: “TSINOY”, ngayong February 4, 9:30PM dito sa TV5. Under the direction of world-renowned filmmaker Brillante Mendoza.




Written by Boots Agbayani Pastor

A young Tsinoy, the product of a common-law union between his Filipino mother and his pure Chinese father, earns the ire of his father when he fails to finish school within the prescribed time, the reason of which is blamed on his deep inclination to the Chinese martial art of wǔshī (lion dance).

When his father undergoes a medical operation and is confined at the hospital to recuperate, the young man makes up for his shortcomings by spending time with his father, in the process defining his relationship with his father’s original family: his submissive Chinese wife, their equally docile daughter, and their wayward eldest son.

His Filipina mother warms up to the original wife, and at the end of the day, when his father finally shows acceptance of his affinity to wǔshī, he also acknowledges his role as the son destined to take over the family business.

The relationship of a young TSINOY student, an ardent wǔshī (lion dance) performer, and his pure Chinese father is strained when the young man fails to graduate from school as expected. The young man makes amends during his father’s recovery period after a medical operation, and as he spends time with his father at the hospital, he defines the kind of relationship he has with his father’s first family and finally acknowledges his role as the son favored over the wayward eldest son to take over the business that is keeping both families alive.

“TSINOY” tells the story of how family ties come to the fore when the head of the family, a Chinese businessman, succumbs to an ailment and his two families—one Chinese, the other Filipino—attends to him, as seen through the point of view of the second son, a Tsinoy.


Location: Binondo, Manila
Jan. 9-10

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