Sneak peak of the latest BRILLANTE MENDOZA PRESENTS: PANATA written by Kat Marasigan to air this MAY 27 (SATURDAY) 10:30PM only on TV5.

 Cast includes Kristofer King, Felix Roco, Sue Prado, Arnold Reyes, Lou Veloso, Edwin Nombre,      Onyl Torres, and Ryan Sandoval.

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(Second to the left) Assistant Director Charita Castinlag giving instruction.

(L-R) Indie actor Kristofer King plays Mario opposite is Jill Palencia who plays as Ising.

(L-R) Direk Brillante Mendoza instructs Kristofer King.

(Right) With cinematographer Odyssey Flores.

In between takes, the centurion with the military.

(L-R) Sue Prado as Azon and Arnold Reyes as Tasyo. (Photo credits: Kat Marasigan)

(L-R) Sue Prado and Kristofer King. (Photo credits: Kat Marasigan)

(L-R) Felix Roco with Wardrobe head Bernie. (Photo credits: Kat Marasigan)

(Left) Jao Elamparo as the Young Mario (Photo credits: Kat Marasigan)

Sue Prado in action. (Photo credits: Kat Marasigan)

With Direk Brillante Mendoza and his staff. (Photo credits: Kat Marasigan)

Arnold Reyes as Tasyo. (Photo credits: Kat Marasigan)

Arnold Reyes tries on a Morion Mask. (Photo credits: Kat Marasigan)

Lou Veloso delivering his line as Father Fernando. (Photo credits: Kat Marasigan)

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