Brillante Mendoza Presents: Kadaugan

Brillante Mendoza Presents: Kadaugan

Portraying the roots of Filipino traditions in courtship and hospitality, “Kadaugan” is yet another dauntless television masterpiece by Brillante Mendoza which reflects TV5’s strong commitment as a TV network that provides differentiated entertainment. Catch Brillante Mendoza Presents: Kadaugan on July 30, after Turning Point on TV5.

The episode shows the Filipinos’ high hopes and faith in love and happiness which revolves around Tere, a Cebuana who single-handedly raises her five year-old son after suffering from the misfortunes of being left by her foreign love interests. “Kadaugan” depicts the unfathomable resilience of the Filipinos despite the raging storms in their lives. It is also a celebration of motherhood and a sincere depiction of family ties and hospitality among Filipinos. Lead roles for this episode will be played by Dionne Monsanto and Juan Directions’ Daniel Marsh. Joining the cast are veteran actresses and Cebu’s prides Suzette Ranillo and the one and only Gloria Sevilla.

1. Dionne Monsanto as Tere
2. Daniel Marsh as Johann
3. Matt Daclan as Manny
4. Albert Chan Paran as Tere’s Boss
5. Gloria Sevilla as Mercy
6. Keanna Reeves as Myrna
7. Suzette Ranillo as Ate Chona

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  1. I can relate to this story. I’ve had a foreign love which was the epitome of my love for the said story. Can’t wait to watch this movie. Xx from CDO.

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