Brillante Mendoza delivers master class at Minsk Film Festival Listapad

Brillante Mendoza delivers master class at Minsk Film Festival Listapad

Belarusian film fans have been given an opportunity today to attend a workshop by one of the best directors according to the Venice, Berlin and Cannes Film Festivals – Brillante Mendoza.

The Filipino director, cameraman, producer and actor began his spectacular career at the age of 45. With over ten feature films under his belt, a special place belongs to The Masseur, which has won the Grand Prix at the Locarno International Film Festival. His film Kinatay is the winner of Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Mendoza’s works has always been featured in Berlinale programmes.

At Minsk master class, the director told about the intricacies of shooting his new film Trap (Taklub). The movie reveals the story about 3 people, who were related to one tragedy, all of them lost their relatives after the typhoon, which destroyed the city of Tacloban.
At Minsk, Belarus
Mendoza avowed, that he was happy to attend the festival and to share his movie and emotions with all the cinema lovers in Belarus. He admitted, that the main point he wanted to deliver was to inspire cinematographers, who don’t have enough resourses and finances to shoot a film, but still want to produce a good quality cinematography.

According to him – the director, idea and content of the movie should prevail over its form. Although, in case you have good financial resources, it is also important to think out the form.

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