A ‘brilliant’ night to Mendoza in Cartagena

A ‘brilliant’ night to Mendoza in Cartagena

Teatro Adolfo Mejia in the delivery of the India Catalina award Filipino director under the international film festival was made.

With more than 20 years service to the film, Brillante Mendoza received Saturday night a India Catalina Award for his career. The award was granted at the Adolfo Mejia Theater and was the last statuette conferred on the 56th of FICCI.

The filmmaker is famous for changing its name Dante Mendoza and take the word that gave several media and critics of films, ‘Brilliant’, just over ten years ago. It is, in the words of Diana Bustamante, artistic director of FICCI, “a narrator of the Philippine reality that has moved into the real and the urban with the particularity of not judging their belts,” adding, before granting the award, that “the same humanity and dynamism is part of his personality.” His films were part of the retrospective of the festival this year.

Bright took the stage and addressed the crowd: “It’s been fascinating over ten years making movies. But it was just in 2005, Masseur, which was widely accepted by the public. I just do not regret having made the decision to dedicate myself only to this. “ He added feel very comfortable in Cartagena, “this welcome and this reception is unexpected for me, right here across the world, so I feel very grateful and touched. I hope to bring some of my country with my films, “said the filmmaker. Then he received the golden statue that pays tribute to his career, from the hands of artistic director of the Festival, and was screened his film Servis, or Service, in Spanish.

The event, which was scheduled to start at 9:30 pm, started about ten p.m. because the director, according to the announcement to the public, was behind several carriages way to the theater, which delayed his arrival at the tribute.

Despite being a man of 50 years, Mendoza, with his youthful attire, looks younger. Black pants, a diver of the same color and a white shirt with black tennis was relaxed chose the Philippine costumes for the occasion.

About Mendoza and his work
The director of 55 years is one of the most important Filipino filmmakers today. It has been awarded at major film festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Locarno and Venice. It is production designer for film, theater, and art director in advertising. In his directing career projections as Masseur included, which he allowed him to be released in the audiovisual spectrum.

Vices are part of the topics addressed in this work, filmed with homemade cameras, which tells the story of two families living in a sex cinema where its internal problems are evident. A child who questioned his sexuality, unexpected pregnancies, the difficult economic situation of residents and to the internal conflict of the theater owner seeking legal separation are some of its themes.

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