At the NETPAC 25th Anniversary in Bangkok

At the NETPAC 25th Anniversary in Bangkok

It was a great crowd, at the screening of ‘Foster Child‘ today, at the FCCT, in the presence of Director, world-renowned film-maker Brillante Mendoza, as well as the much-respected Netpac President Dr Aruna Vasudev.

The occasion was the 25th Anniversary of NETPAC ( Network for the Promotion of Asian Cinema).

The event attracted a large range of people: Ambassadors, diplomats, corporates and journalists.

Congratulations! Director Brillante Mendoza for another recognition award from FCCT

(Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Thailand) and Ministry of Tourism Thailand.

Vice Minister of Tourism, Assistant Professor Dr. Chavanee Tongroach, was the Chief Guest,who facilitated the two film guests, and gave them lovely souvenirs.

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