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2009 Best Director

Director Brillante Ma. Mendoza is a the first and only Filipino to win the most coveted Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival.

Film Maker

With 11 Full length films in the span of 9 years, Mendoza’s work ethic and passion is paramount to his success.

Story Teller

Director Brillante Mendoza artfully crafts a unique storytelling style through stories of ordinary people in extraordinary situations

Internationally Acclaimed

Brillante’s Films has been in the International Festival circuit winning countless awards.



“I find inspiration from everyday life”  - Brillante Ma. Mendoza



Marine Biodiversity


A Brillante Ma. Mendoza Feature



In a bid to raise awareness on the current condition of the country’s marine life and underwater resources, Senator Loren Legarda, Chair of the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, launched a video documentary on Philippine marine biodiversity.



This video documentary is a collaboration between Legarda and internationally acclaimed director Brillante Mendoza following “Buhos” and “Ligtas”. Also featured are marine videos taken by underwater videographer Robert “Bobbit” Suntay.


The project was done in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Philippine Information Agency (PIA).





Here is the full documentary feature



“There has been too much destruction and desecration of our natural resources including our seas. We see bodies of water littered with various kinds of waste, but beyond the surface of these waters we discover greater despoliation of marine life,”


“These kinds of exploitation of resources and destruction of marine life must stop. The video documentary on Philippine marine biodiversity is part of my continuing advocacy to educate and enlighten Filipinos about marine life, how it affects our own life and livelihood, what is at stake if we lose these resources and what we can and must do to protect our seas. There are about 1.6 million fisher folk in the country whose families depend on marine resources to live. These families will be greatly affected by the degradation of our seas,”


“We have timed the launch of this project on Earth Day to send a strong message that we need our seas to support life,” Senator Legarda said.

photoearth day
The National Museum celebrated Earth Day 2014 by hosting the launch of the video documentary "Philippine Marine Biodiversity". Featuring the underwater videos of Robert Suntay, the project was initiated by Senator Loren Legarda who chairs the Senate Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, as well as the Senate Committee on Climate Change. It was done in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), the Philippine Information Agency and the internationally acclaimed filmmaker Brillante Mendoza.

Brillante Mendoza Film Festival








One Small Act



Once Small Act for the Philippines – is A documentary series by Acclaimed Film Maker and Renaissance man Director Brillante Ma. Mendoza as he brings another gem that features the stories of ordinary people in extraordinary situations.

One Small Act for the Philippines

Telling the story of the ever changing, evolving and inspiring Filipino is the foundation of the Solar News Channel. It’s the little, unknown but amazing stories of the people around us that fuel our passion to showcase the unwavering Filipino spirit. One Small Act is Solar News Channel’s venue to share these stories. The campaign which was aptly launched during the Philippine Independence Day aims to awaken the spirit of nationalism of the Filipino. The most basic result of the campaign is for Filipinos to be encouraged to do small acts of kindness and realize that these acts of kindness will go a long way.

Here is the First Official Trailer



Here are the teasers for each episode


Visit the website here: http://onesmallactph.com/




Brillante Mendoza is living national treasure in Philippine Alternative Cinema





Brillante Ma Mendoza

is a living national treasure of Philippine alternative cinema. The first Filipino to win the most coveted Best Director Award for his film “Kinatay” at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009. Dubbed by the world’s film critics as an ultra neo-realist for his films.

Brillante’s films depict social realities about the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary situations against the backdrop of issues that plague the country. 

Director Brillante Ma. Mendoza was born on July 30, 1960 in San Fernando, Pampanga, Philippines. He finished Fine Arts at the University of Santo Tomas where he majored in Advertising. His career began as a Production Designer in feature films, television, and theatre. His mastery over production design was featured in acclaimed local films such as Takaw Tukso (Flirting With Temptation, 1986), Private Show (1986), Olongapo (1984), The Great American Dream (1987), and many others. In 2005, Mendoza founded Centerstage Productions (CSP), an independent film production outfit. This film out fit produced feature films that gained several awards in local and international film festivals. As a production designer for feature films, he moved to television commercial productions and became one of the most sought after production designers. From 1990 to 2004, he focused his career as an Art Director for television commercials for national and multi-national advertisers:

  • San Miguel Brewery
  • Asia Brewery
  • PLDT
  • Globe Telecom
  • Smart Telecommunications
  • Procter & Gamble Philippines
  • Unilever Philippines

In 2005 Mendoza ventured into feature film not as a production designer but as a director. His first feature film Masahista (The Masseur, 2005) won the Golden Leopard Award at the Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland. The film also won the Interfaith Award in 2006 in the Brisbane Film Festival and the Audience award in the Turin International Film Festival. This started his career as a film director.

Mendoza’s subsequent films further won major international awards: Manoro (The Aeta Teacher, 2006) won the CinemAvvenir at the 2006 Torino Film Festival for Best Film, and for Best Picture and Best Director awards at the Cinemanila 2006; Kaleldo (Summer Heat, 2006) won the Netpac Award and Best Actress Award in Durban, 2007; Foster Child (2007) won the Best Actress at New Delhi International Film Festival, Special Jury award at the 2007 International Eurasia Film Festival in Kazakhstan, the Signis Award in the 2008 Las Palmas International Film Festival, and Best Picture and Best Actress awards in Durban, 2008; Tirador (Slingshot, 2007) won the Special Jury Award in the 2007 Marrakech International Film Festival and the Caligari Prize Award at the 2008 Berlin International Film Festival. It was also given the Best Film, Best Director, and Netpac Awards in the 2008 Singapore International Film Festival.


Serbis won the Best Film and Best Actress awards in the Pacific Meredian Film Festival in Vladivostok, Russia, and the Golden Kinnaree Awards in Bangkok Film Festival in 2008. Serbis is also the first Filipino film to be invited as official selection in the prestigious New York Film Festival. It was also the first Filipino film to compete at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival.


In 2009 Mendoza did the film Lola which gave him numerous awards both local and international: 2009 Dubai International Film Festival , 2010 Miami International Film Festival Grand Knight Award, 2010 Las Palmas International Film Festival: Golden Lady Harimaguada, Best Actress, Best Cinematography ; 2010 Asia pacific Award, Best Actress.


He is regarded by the world’s film critics as an Ultra-neo-realist for his films that depict social realities and the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary situations. Mendoza uses these social realities as the backdrop of characters on issues that plague the country, Brillante Ma. Mendoza is the First Filipino to win the Best Director award at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival for his picture Kinatay, besting other world renowned directors.




Script Development

Mentored by the award winning script writer Mr Bing Lao of the Philippines, the same writer that wrote the Film “The Excution of P” which won Mendoza the Best Director award at Cannes. Mendoza strives to create stories through extensive character development.

Film Production

Mendoza, along with his own production house Centerstage Productions have crafted jewels of Asian cinema such as the award winning “Thy Womb”.

Other Projects

Mendoza and his team of artists develop scripts and produce documentaries as well as TVC adverstising, a craft Mendoza had mastered before going into film.


  • Its been a thrill everyday here in the set because you don't know what to expect. And I feel really blessed to be working with the best.

    Dennis Trillo


  • And you never know what to expect as each time, each film is different. But each film is the same in a way that everything is full of conviction, full of artistic quality.

    Thierry Fremaux


  • He manages to create such an excitement, such incredible situations. So true. So real, and yet it's a movie. It's not a documentary.

    Isabelle Huppert

    Cannes Film Festival Best Actress

  • The discover of the cinema of Brillante is one of the most important things in my life. As the.. of the man in charge of the Cannes selection.

    Thierry Fremaux

    Cannes Film Festival Director

  • Bravo on your difficult troubling work. Your decision never to dramatize the murder, never indulge in movie suspense....was bold, daring.

    Quentin Tarantino

    Director - Django Unchained , Inglorious Basterds , Pulp Fiction


Mendoza is regarded by the world’s film critics as an Ultra-Neo Realist for his films that depict social realities





April 1 , 2014. Brillante Ma Mendoza with speakers and students in the first Brillante Mendoza Film Workshop held at The Secret Garden events venue. This was the 2nd Day of a week long exclusive and affordable workshop intended for anyone interested. Guest speakers include actress Jacklyn Jose and Coco Martin.

The year was 2009, the setting The Cannes Film Festival in France where film making heavyweights gather for a weekend of glamour with Director’s such as Quentin Tarantino , Actors Sean Penn to name a few. It was indeed a spectacle to behold witness to. And witness we did, the film from the Philippines called “The Execution of P” where it seems aburpt to conclude that it would be an indie slasher of some sort. We witnessed a new rawness in the director’s approach, we witnessed a Brillante Mendoza classic. As the film took on to the win awards and Mendoza winning the most coveted Best Director award.

Director Brillante Mendoza is a Film Maker at heart, and through the years, there has been several sponsors and partners. Here we include any partners direk.

Here we include your mission direk as a film maker in the next 10 years.

Recent News

Film Retrospectives

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United Kingdom (September 2011)

One Take Film Festival
Zagreb, Croatia (November 2010)

21st Ljubljana International Film Festival
Ljubljana, Slovenia (November 2010)

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Cinema Arsenal Berlin
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12th Deauville Asian Film Festival
France 2010

Brazil Indie Festival
September 2009

Paris Cinema International Film Festival
France 2008

3rd CineVita Film Festival (The Varsitarian)
University of Santo Tomas Philippines (February 2009)

Member of the Jury

11th International Film Festival of Marrakech
Morocco, 2011

29th Torino Film Festival
Italy, 2011

34th Hong Kong International Film Festival

7th Bangkok International Film Festival
Thailand, 2009

6th Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival
Mexico, 2009
62nd Locarno International Film Festival
Switzerland, 2009

11th Mumbai International Film Festival
India, 2009

10th Cinemanila International Film Festival
Philippines, 2009

34th Brussels International Independent Film Festival
Belgium, 2007

Film Festival


Brillante Mendoza Film Festival


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  • 90% Script writing and Story Development

  • 94% Film Direction and Production

  • 100% Happiness





The Secret Garden Events.Venue.Catering

The Secret Garden Events.Venue.Catering

Logistics, Food & Beverage, Lodging

The Secret Garden events venue and catering is located in the heart of Barangka in Mandaluyong, 5 mins away from Rockwell. They operate 6 days a week which can provide food for a crew of 500 plus.

Keep Me Posted Inc

Keep Me Posted Inc

Post Production , Online editing and Visual Effects

Keep Me Posted is one of the leading Post Production outfits located in Makati today. They have been producing high quality films from clients such as Star Cinema and Center Stage Productions.

Centerstage Production Inc

Centerstage Production Inc

Pre-production & Principal Photography

Centerstage Productions was founded by Filipino film maker Brillante Ma Mendoza at the year 2005. Since then the studio and production house has produced 11 full length films and has garnered critical and international success.






Brillante Mendoza’s films depict stories of ordinary people in extraordinary situations




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